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Where in the world would you go with a week’s notice?

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out. This happened to me recently, and that means that I get to plan a new trip. Instead of backpacking through Washington’s beautiful alpine lakes wilderness, I get to decide where else I want to go. I decided on Jasper, AB.

I am fortunate to have a tremendous number of beautiful places to visit starting from my home base in North Bend, WA. The alpine lakes wilderness is on my doorstep, there are numerous other national forests, state parks, and national parks all within several hours of driving.

This time I wanted something further. I had a rare 6-days off from work and it was time to go exploring. First the Northern Territories sounded right. Whoops. 30 hours of driving just to get there. That’s a lot of driving. Maybe then Alaska? 45 hours of driving. Nope. Further East are the Canadian Rockies. 14 hours. Yes, that’s it.

I’ll find out how it is going up there. I’m looking forward to the journey and the exploration. Guide book in hand, major routes known, let’s go see what Mother Nature has to offer.

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